Naming Ceremonies

For our precious childWhat better way for a family to mark the milestone moment of a new addition to their family, than with a Naming Ceremony.  Families may choose to do a Naming Ceremony when welcoming a step-child or adopted child into a family and making it a special occasion for them.

A name is a special gift given by parents to their child that can have distinct meaning or family significance. Older siblings can have a prominent role in the ceremony that helps with bonding, and other family and friends can also be involved, showing support and love to the family in bringing up the child as godparents.

Some rituals that may be incorporated into your ceremony include:

  • the lighting of a personalised candle by the parents, offering special wishes and promises to their child. The candle can be decorated with a photo, their name, date and other details such as time of birth, weight and length. Oil candles are a brilliant choice for this as th
    ey never burn down so can be used over and over again for birthdays and other significant occasions such as on their wedding day.
  • Having guests help with the planting of a tree such as a rose or an Australian Native, and offering a special wish for the child as they plant it in the soil.
  • A Commemorative Birth Certificate, which can be applied for from Births, Deaths and Marriages, can be a lovely reminder of the day that can be disp10993402layed in your home. You can incorporate it into a framed memento with a photo and space for guests to write a wish for the child. There is a range of styles available from Births, Deaths and Marriages to choose from.
  • Presenting of a Commemorative Name Certificate that gives the detail of the meaning of your child’s name, origin, character traits and a personal profile.
  • Having guests write wishing cards to the child that are placed in a decorated wishing well that can be read out and kept.
  • A balloon releasing commemoration to signify the releasing of the child’s soul to blossom and achieve their full potential.

There are so many ways to celebrate your Naming Ceremony, and I would love to discuss your thoughts on what special ritual you may want to incorporate into your personalised ceremony.

Have a look at Fees & Services – Celebration Ceremonies to see what my services include for your personalised ceremony.